Pay at the pump at Esso

Pay at the Pump

Expect faster payments and enjoy greater convenience. Our self-service Pay-at-the-Pump system, which allows you to pay for your fuel purchase at the pump with a credit card, is now available at service stations island-wide.

Find Esso service stations near you and simply refer to these step-by-step instructions on how you can quickly fill up and go.

1. Make your selection
2. Choose payment method
3. Start filling

*When you pay at the pump, your bank will place a temporary hold of $150 on your credit card. Your card will be charged only for the actual amount of fuel purchased, with the holding amount returned in approximately 10 working days.

To pay and earn Esso Smiles points at the same time, link your Smiles account to your credit card. Complete a form at any Esso service station today.

Participating merchants
1. Make your selection
2. Start filling
3. Complete payment