02:23 Heroes by Esso

02:23 Heroes by Esso

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Read their stories, and be inspired by their determination to keep Singapore moving.
Desmond Tay

"It's my duty to keep Singapore safe."

"Meeting travellers from all walks of life is a real eye-opening experience. But with so many people passing through the checkpoint, night can be a vulnerable time for our borders. That's why no matter how tired I feel, I always stay alert and vigilant, as it's my duty to keep Singapore safe. While upholding the highest security standards, I also do my best to answer any queries from incoming travellers so they wouldn't feel lost. All in all, I feel very proud serving and protecting the country I love. In fact, it's become my life's mission."

Desmond Tay, 48
Security Team Leader, Certis CISCO

Haslan bin Rohani

"It's tough, but I don't mind."

"Changi Airport is busy 24/7, so we're always on standby to respond to any emergencies. The moment we're called to action, we get onto the rescue vehicle within seconds and reach the scene within minutes. That means we need to be physically and mentally alert at all times. That means doing drills in the dead of night to make sure we're in top form. It's tough, but I don't mind. Because the passengers on board could very well be my loved ones."

Haslan bin Rohani, 36
Airport Emergency Officer

Eric Koh

"It was all worth it."

"Getting stranded with a flat car battery - it can happen anytime, anywhere. That's why I am ready to respond to any call 24/7, because many drivers count on me to go to their rescue. Once I had to service a delivery lorry around 2:30 am on a rainy night. Its unusual design meant it ran on two batteries, both located under the lorry. Replacing two heavy batteries by myself under dim light - all while squatting on wet ground for 45 minutes - that was the toughest job ever. But seeing the relief in the driver's face, and helping him reach his destination in time, I knew it was all worth it."

Eric Koh, 37
Car Battery Replacement Specialist

Here are moments in the eyes of unsung heroes, at 2:23am.

It is past midnight. The lights are low, the streets cool from the heat of day. As most people lay asleep in their beds, a group of people work tirelessly to keep our city running.

We come alongside to keep them on the go, refuelling their vehicles and kindling their spirits as oases in the night. As friends and co-workers at 02:23, we share their dreams, their drive and their passion to keep the city moving. These are their stories, powered by Esso.